Gus McKay, Bluesman

With a career spanning over 4 decades, 4 albums under his belt, a 5th in the pipeline, a hectic Australia wide gigging circuit and copious quantities of new rust stained original tunes spewing from his veins on a daily basis, Gus McKay is (rightly so) cementing his place as one of Australia’s iconic Blues and Roots musicians.

Having spent most of his time living in the harsh Australian outback as a stockman, you can hear the dirt and grit engrained into his lyrics and sound. A cocktail of rusty nails drizzled with an occasional shower of golden dreams. Cool as a cucumber, his versatility is effortless throwing an occasional bunch of flowers into the mud, hitting G spots with self-soothing croonings, just like being wrapped up in a warm blanket.

These days, West Australian based Gus is travelling to Melbourne and Tasmania for regular pre-booked and heavily sold shows plus picking up wherever and whenever he can along the way.

Salt Flat Blues now on sale

Gus’s most recent album:

Saltflat Blues

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