Gus McKay, Bluesman

Gus McKay is a successful songwriter and musician.And after almost 20 years Is a seasoned recording artist and performer / producer.

His music is self-funded and produced and released on his own RPM (Rollin' Plains Media) label.

He sings and writes all his own material, plays guitar, blues harmonica and more recently tenor Sax.

He also performing in a number of bands and as solo artist in his home town , Fremantle WA.

His earthy style of music has a sage like, bonhomie, while his undeniable roots lie in the land , and nature.

A farmer and stockman most of his life, but now a fulltime musician, he's now devoting his time promoting and producing his music.

Already having 450,000 plays on one streaming site alone this free promotion, has attracted many fans and influencers willing to share his music with others on social media.

Inspiration flows constantly , as he bases himself in the country, Finding solace on the road and peace in the bush. Weekends are spent away, playing music in the city.

“Talisman” his (latest release #5 Album) and possibly his best work to date. It has ten new songs (39mins) available on CD and vinyl, featuring strings, horns and an eclectic list of instrumentation.

The result is still McKay’s roots /blues infused music but with an new alt/jazz flavour, building a future style , for upcoming releases.

His musical influences are many and varied...Artists he cites as inspiration are the likes of :

Chris Whitley,David Crosby,Donald Fagen, Little Walter,Freddie King and Howling Wolf, to name a few... 

It’s been a long haul from the wheatbelt backblocks but Western Australia is slowly getting a taste of the gritty swamp blues of Gus McKay, I mean he has been played all over the world on radio, but as many independent arists know, getting known, in our big brown land… is easier said than done, and for those that really take it on, have to really earn their stripes to bring home the bacon.

Gus has played at Brigetown Blues, Broome Big Moon and Q-Fest Festival’s Cue. He has supported Lee Kernaghan and the last couple of years toured extensively in Western Australia’s North West.

Although today Gus McKay has a world-wide audience with a strong European following, his writing and performing career kicked off in the early 80s, playing in a punk rock band called the ‘Emu Kickers’. With a strong bush folk following and an albums worth of edgy material, unfortunately the album never made it into the studio or saw the light of day.

Since then he has recorded the following albums:

  • Early 1990's - All About Flight
  • 1994 Grinn
  • 2010 Roadrunner Blues
  • 2010's Saltflat Blues

These days Gus is travelling regularly to Melbourne and Tasmania gigging wherever and whenever he can. Number five album begins to take shape with pre-production well underway and demos being done at home, studios and musos being selected to begin recording sometime before Christmas 2015.

Future plans are to set sights on a European tour, to follow up the upcoming release in 2016 and further to this to record an album per year.

Talisman now on sale

Gus’s most recent album - Now available on vinyl:


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