1972 Mach 1 Mustang

(work in progress)
Purchased from a neighbour in about ’96, was still intact, although it had been used for ‘Roo shooting , eng and auto sump were all banged up…!! And it totally stunk of dust.
So it got a roof over it for quite a few years, had a LH to RH conversion in Oz , originally built in Washington US.
Then transported to the Phillipines, ( possibly diplomat or Pimp ) it was Red with Red interior !!
I stripped it down did interior, and motor, but waited until now and found an excellent repairer down Busselton way, who is fixing it to be the beast that it probably was… in 1972.

1960 Ford Thunderbird

Bought this only this year, had it shipped from Oregon in the States, possibly a one owner, very happy with her, power windows, steering 352 y block.
A ton of style and just great design, cream with a white roof , LH drive, enjoy this baby a lot !!

1971 Datsun 1600

Purchased this little pocket rocket, 2 years ago, paint and body need attention.
Has a 2 litre motor (200b) twin webers and a mild cam. Plan to put extractors on and do paint etc.
Had a cousin who had one in the day, and it was such a tough little thing, consequently they were used exclusively for rallying. I have another 3 shells and would still like to build another up from scratch. Very hard to come by.

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