Latest release from RPM for Gus McKay “Bluesman” but turning alternative ? New Album “Talisman” is 10 tracks 39 minutes recorded in an old 1950’s service (Gas) station, converted to a recording studio (Aerial Studios) in the Darling Range Glen Forrest West Australia. Rock blues and quite a liberal serving of jazz,
Horn section, strings, but with that similar “Outback” rustic / blues touch.

Sample Tracks:

Art of Living Sample Track Art of Living Sample Track (2299 KB)

Fallen Down Fallen Down (1697 KB)

Hundred Acres Hundred Acres (1625 KB)

Piawanning Suit Piawanning Suit (1752 KB)

The Man The Man (1752 KB)

Muse Muse (1779 KB)

Bohemian Life Bohemian Life (1752 KB)

Murchison Sequel Murchison Sequel (1752 KB)

Gin Gin Morning Gin Gin Morning (1697 KB)

Last Dance Last Dance (1752 KB)

Saltflat Blues

Gus McKay - Roadrunner Blues 2010 onwards saw Gus performing as much as humanly possible, testing out the songs which would in futures become album number four ‘Saltflat Blues’, his most recent and by far most successful release, picked up by ex-EMI A&R rep Peter Holmsted in Sweden. ‘Saltflat Blues’ was promoted across Europe in print, intemet and radio, received airplay in Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium.

Meanwhile in the US, ‘Saltflat Blues’ won Gus his first stateside review from ‘No Depression - The Roots Music Authority Since 1995’ blues and roots magazine; '"Need my coffee. I’m gonna die." sings Gus McKay on "Caffeine." one of the toughest songs on his latest album Saltflat Blues. The Australian singer/songwriter pours on the grit brewing an intoxiating blend of raw blues, swamp rock and funk. Ironic how some of the best American music originates from overseas.'
Sample Tracks:

Branches Branches (1475 KB)

Busking Busking (814 KB)

Caffiene Caffiene (912 KB)

Deja Vu Deja Vu (902 KB)

Don't Say Goodbye Don't Say Goodbye (863 KB)

Murchison Murchison (864 KB)

Ratrod Ratrod (1131 KB)

Snake Snake (1256 KB)

Torch Torch (830 KB)

Voodoo Voodoo (866 KB)

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Roadrunner Blues

Gus McKay - Roadrunner Blues Gus’s reputation as a Bluesman of repute was confirmed in 2010, receiving Australia wide positive
reviews for album three titled ‘Roadrunner Blues’ when it got the attention of the world-wide music community with airplay across several continents, predominately Europe.
Sample Tracks: 

Dogma Dogma (1406 KB)

Don't Go to Queensland Don't Go to Queensland (1026 KB)

Drifter Drifter (1166 KB)

Hustle Hustle (930 KB)

Keep on Driving Keep on Driving (1400 KB)

Newsreader Blues Newsreader Blues (1642 KB)

Ramblin Ramblin (1179 KB)

Roll Roll (869 KB)

Texas Texas (771 KB)

The World The World (971 KB)

Two Days to Kununurra Two Days to Kununurra (1118 KB)

When the Drought Sets In When the Drought Sets In (1133 KB)

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Older CDs


Gus McKay - Grinn With a view to having a smaller production, Gus released his second album titled ‘Grinn’ in 1994.
The single ‘Deep River’ was lifted for release on ABC compilation ‘Kingfisher Dreaming’. Piggybacking on the success of albums one and two, Gus performed at Blues at Bridgetown and spent subsequent years touring the Northwest of WA.

All About Flight

Gus The 90s saw Gus recording at ‘Loop Studio’ with an ‘A’ team of players; Rick Whittle, Roy Daniels, John Short, Bob Patient. The end result Gus’s debut CD titled ‘All About Flight’. The album was produced and remixed by Gary Ridge, father to well-known Australian hip hop artist ‘Drapht’. The debut was considered a complete success after scoring a distribution deal with Shock Records.





Talisman now on sale

Gus’s most recent album - Now available on vinyl:


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